The Parent Academy of Miami-Dade County Public Schools is a family resource designed for parents, caregivers and community members. All courses are FREE and offered throughout the county.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Series
Includes host feed pattern school, workshops, resource fairs, family activities, incentives, and culminating events

  • Beating the Stress in Our Lives: Stress Mangement Strategies that Work
  • Choosing A Healthy Lifestyle: Tips for Better Fitness and Nutrition
  • Dancing Your Way to a Healthy Life: A Participative Experience for Parents and Children
  • Greening and Gardening in Our Environment: Participants will learn about gardening and native plants to Florida
  • Kid Care Enrollment: How to Enroll your Children in the State Insurance Program

Home-School Connections

  • Building Study Skills: How parents can help their child acquire better study habits 
  • Connect with M-DCPS: Learn how to effectively navigate the school system
  • FAFSA/Financial Aid Parent Workshops: 2017-2018 FAFSA Application Support
  • Families Building Better Readers: How to Share the Joy of Reading with your Child
  • Improving Memory and Thinking Skills: What can be done to improve memory and thinking skills
  • Less Stressed About Tests: How to Help Your Child Succeed on Standardized Tests
  • Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College: In partnership with the College Funding Coach
  • Moving Up and Ahead: Facilitating your Child’s Transition to Kg, Middle, or High School
  • Parents Rights and Responsibilities: How to Make a Difference in Your Child’s Education
  • Parents – The Critical Link: The importance of parental involvement in a child’s education
  • PASSport to Success Series (8 Modules): Stairways to Greater Family Involvement
  • Preparing for Parent – Teacher Conferences: Steps parents need to know before attending a parent-teacher conference
  • Raising a Bilingual Child: A Guide to Raising a Bilingual Child
  • Ready for School Every Day: Homework Tips and Attendance Policies
  • Summer Learning: Summer Reading and Other Fun Activities
  • Surviving the Science Project – The Scientific Method: How to Assist Your Child
  • The Florida Standards Assessment: An Overview of the Academic Standards
  • The Parent Portal: Monitor Your Child’s Progress and Access Online Resources on the M-DCPS Website
  • Understanding Math: How Parents Can Help Strengthen their Child’s Math Skills
  • Understanding the SAT-10 (Elementary): An overview of the standardized test taken by students in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade
  • What Every Parent of an ELL Student Should Know?: Parents will learn about testing and ELL Levels

Parents for Peace
Provides parents with best practices on preventing youth and community violence.

  • Parenting for Violence Prevention: Teaching Your Child Nonviolent Social and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Parenting to Prevent Bullying: How Parents Can Protect their Children from Bullying
  • Positive Discipline with ENCHOR Series: Encouragement, Consequences, Honor, and Respect
  • Resolving Family Conflicts Series: Peace Rules, Effective Communication, and Simple Mediation
  • Technology and the Modern Family: The Dangers and Advantages of Social Media
  • Your Child’s Emotional Health: Factors, Signals and How to Get Help

Parenting in the New Millennium

  • Building Effective Communication: Approaching conflicts with the aim to understand, resolve and respond
  • Planning for College and Career: Choices, Requirements, and Financial Aid Application
  • School Choice and Parental Options: Addressing your Child’s Needs, Talents, and Interests
  • Your Child’s Amazing Brain: How Parents and Caregivers Nurture Healthy Brain Development

Pathway to Family Enhancement 

  • American Sign Language: Learning to Communicate with Hand Gestures
  • Developing Your Child’s Cultural Literacy: An Exploration of Multicultural Resources in the Community
  • Financial Stability: Effective Strategies to Reach Your Financial Goals
  • Parental Involvement and Online Resources
  • Preparing for the Job You Want: Search for a Job, Build a Winning Resume and Prepare to Interview

The Parent Academy Neighborhood Resource Center @ Parkway Educational Complex

  • Basic Computer Skills I: Participants will learn the basic Microsoft Office computer applications skills
  • Basic Computer Skills II: Participants will enhance the acquired Microsoft Office computer applications skills
  • Career Planning: This course seeks to enhance life, educational, and employment readiness skills of adult learners
  • Parent Internet Café: Free internet access to members of the community

The Parent Academy Neighborhood Resource Center @ Ruben Dario Middle School

  • Parent Internet Café: Free internet access to members of the community